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How do you persevere to achieve your dreams?

Activities  |  2021-8-27 03:35 42101723

Hi T-Fans:
What is your future aspiration?

The yearning for the future and the persistence of dreams when young.

How many difficulties have we experienced, how many times have we thought about giving up, but finally in the end, has your dream come true?

The courage of 18 years old is still there. May you look forward to what is ahead and meet the future.  www.tecnostopatnothing.com

What is your wish? How do you persevere for this dream? Tell us your dreams, tell us your story. We will select 3 lucky people who have persisted in their dreams and have worked hard. T-Spot will guard the original dream together with you.  

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ts08022674867 43 #

I look forward to the day when I will lead a team of software engineers to work on a big project to better aid and easy human activities. Imagine how many lives that would be saved by just making and improve on an app able to detect and warn civilians about near natural disaster through weather forecast.
2021-9-26 13:05 Like(1)

9952321719 42 #

I have 2kids one is 3years old one is 2years old im 23 years old my wife is no work my work is labor 350 aday im so tired
ihope i win in this  😥😓😭😭
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758308362 41 #

up to now she is still catering for in everything ...Really she is my super woman ,role model and mentor ..but stepmothers 😭😭😭
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758308362 40 #

I grew up from a family with a humble background where my mom left me wen I was 4 months and I grew up with my grandmother and she catered for me up to when I was 2 years then she sent me to ma dad and I stayed with ma step mother and she harassed me ,beat me up thoroughly to extent of bleeding from the mouth, noise ears ,😭😭 It hard for me during the tym of growth ..
I was pushed to boarding when I was in middle class till when ma grandmother picked me from school and she took me to her  place
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9978050794 39 #

i still don't know
2021-9-24 23:27 Like(0)

TTL 38 #

My childhood dream was to be a soldier.  But for various reasons, I became a teacher.  But I'm happy.  There were many difficulties?  My family was poor and I had to attend poor school to get a degree.  I qualified because I tried to get a master's degree, but I still can't afford it.  I dream of going to college one day with more money, even though I am over 30 years old.
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3157861089 37 #

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ts08103436671 36 #

wanna keep pushing my dreams
2021-9-22 06:48 Like(0)

ts502408234 35 #

I just believe Allah Taala bless us all
because Allah Taala can do everything insha'Allah I will get what Allah Taala prize me best
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