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$1000 up for grab in the HiOS Fitness Challenge

HiOS  |  2021-9-8 11:19 TECNO CE9 7112707

Hello T-Fans,

Let's turn the play around a little.
Let us know how fit you are and can be by participating in this fun challenge.
HiOS Fitness Challenge.
The game is simple and fun yet, Health wise.
You stand to improve well being and win a share of a $1000 following this simple rule:
Simply share a photo of you either doing some PUSH-UPS, CARDIO, or PLANKING and just show us how fit you are.


1. Take a photo of you or your friend PLANKING, DOING CARDIO WORKOUTS, or doing PUSH-UPS. Ensure that the photo either has a TECNO WATERMARK, TECNO/HiOS Merchandise on it, or a TECNO device in the vicinity.

2. Post as a comment telling us why it is easier for you to keep fit with HiOS under this post.

3. Invite your friends to your entry and encourage them to like and comment on it.

4. Like and share this post and make sure you're following our page on Facebook and TikTok.

Feel free to let us know what you would like us to do in HiOS to make your fitness journey better.

The most brilliant comments and photos will be selected and screened live for final selection where winners will be selected and awarded a piece of the $1,000.

Get on this and show us just how fit you are!

The contest runs till the 30th of September 2021.

Terms and Conditions Apply.

Let's go get fit.
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31708478 64 #

Hi HiOS. Hi T-fans it's another morning of jogging around pushing up and down on the popular Agip fly-over in the city of Port Harcourt in Rivers State of Nigeria West Africa. Remember people 'prevention is better than cure' you should rather stay fit than spent money on I'll challenges.
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32140999 63 #

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ts9380353604 62 #

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ts9380353604 61 #

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32139465 60 #

please give me this 1000 $
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32137240 59 #

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31708478 58 #

My unique styles of today fitness routine. HiOS Fitness Challenge.
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31708478 57 #

Hi HiOS, Hi T-fans this is another entry of mine in HiOS fitness challange. Fitness routine is very very essential in our physical well being so therefore it shouldn't be taken granted. This kind of exercise (from the photo I uploaded) is very benefial to the waist, arms etc. Thanks HiOS.
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32122135 56 #

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