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[Announcement] TECNO HiOS 8.0 Launches Today: How To Watch, What To Expect

HiOS  |  2021-10-15 06:40 7311219

launch time.png

Hello T-Fans,
The much anticipated is here.
Global Leading smartphone maker TECNO will launch the latest version of its operating software
HiOS 8.0 today through an online event that will take place globally.
The new HiOS 8.0 will be coming firstly to TECNO Camon 18 and will bring new features including a revamped user interface, and other features like Smart Cards, AOD, and other improvements.
HiOS 8.0 was beta tested exclusively earlier this year and the launch will be live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube today at 8:00PM GMT+1.
TECNO in the launch wil lreveal several new features, designs, the performance and more.

Interested users can live-stream the HiOS 8.0 launch on HiOS’ YouTube and Facebook channel or can watch the live event on the YouTube and Facebook page added below this paragraph.
The new operating system will also bring a new for the notification bar and control center, purposefully reimagined to help users get things done faster and smoother.
The new update will first be available for the brand's latest Camon 18 series.

TECNO HiOS 8.0: Expected Features

The new update is coming with a heightened focus on security and user privacy.
HiOS users used to the industry-leading Za-Hooc Privacy and security system on HiOS 7.6 will be thrilled to note that on the new HiOS 8.0 upgrade, data collection by apps is more transparent.
The new tools also give users more granular control over app permissions to help them better manage how and when apps access their information.
Other features include the new Video Editor and Visha Player. Users will be able to manipulate videos and create visual masterpieces, without the need to install any third-party applications. Moreover, users will be able to multi-task easily and customize their playback experience as they like without interruption.

Don't miss this amazing launch.
Join the launch live stream via the above given links.
Share to family and friends to join and comment.
Remember we have goodie bags for your remarkable efforts.
Come let's explore and experience ahead.

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0622700623 60 #

2021-12-7 07:01 Like(0)

707508699 59 #

let all techno spark have
2021-12-6 11:52 Like(0)

2ny 58 #

hello.. I have techno pova 2... why is your video quality sucks? I recorded myself for our company's greeting video but the sound is very much delayed on videos.. the sound the video is not sync.
2021-12-6 09:42 Like(0)

Tecno user 57 #

for Tecno camon i4 (CB7) ?
2021-12-1 03:52 Like(1)

Wismight 56 #

when will camon 17 have it
2021-12-1 00:33 Like(0)

0773061480 55 #

very nice phone I love it
2021-11-18 06:33 Like(0)

32409206 54 #

it should be a available for spark 5pro
2021-11-12 08:33 Like(1)

ts0757837426 53 #

Le tecno Camon 17 pro aura t'il le hios 8 ?
2021-11-12 01:15 Like(1)

32329499 52 #

can it run on pop3
2021-11-10 13:50 Like(1)

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