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World Emoji Day Topic: How many Emojis do you use every day?

Activities  |  2020-7-16 23:41 493949

2020-07-17 11:31 - 2020-7-24 11:31Has ended
Dear T-Fans,

July 17 is World Emoji Day, a fun, annual celebration of one of the world’s newest ways of communicating.

There are more than 3000 different emojis and most of us use them many times every day when we message a friend or leave a comment at the end of a Kids News story.

The first ever emojis were designed in 1997. There were 90 emojis in this set, but they were only available on one type of expensive Japanese mobile phone that not many people used. Some of these early emojis, such as Pile of Poo, were added to later emoji sets.

The first set of widely-used emojis was created by Shigetaka Kurita in 1999 as part of a team working on a mobile internet platform in Japan.
He made 180 emojis inspired by expressions he saw on people’s faces, the symbols used for weather forecasts, Chinese characters, traffic signs and symbols used in a style of Japanese comics called manga.

Now join the World Emoji Day Fun~

Meet new friends by sharing your favorite Emoji and do an Emoji Face!

We are so curious about how cute all of our T-fans can be!


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sharon rose 41 #

My most used emoji ????
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Benjamin Lopez 40 #

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275360026405 39 #

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275360026405 38 #

happy face
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Loveline Ezenwafor 37 #

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266506456986 36 #

Hi, I want to join the whatsapp group.
what should I do?
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  • TECNO SPOT Official : Hi, click on the "join whatsapp group" banner > go to the article> click on the whatsapp link in the article ~~

    2020-7-29 02:50

274251106578 35 #

various types of emojis????????????
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Joshua Kay 34 #

Speaking of emojis, I believe it's high time Tspot developers enabled the use of emojis on this platform.
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Dalitso 33 #

my mostly used emojis ????????????????????
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