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Stop At Nothing | TECNO brave dream catcher


TECNO SPOT Official | 2021-10-202651855

Zhang Yaqiong is an Africa-based marketing manager at TECNO, a Chinese mobile phone company. I’d been in Africa for six months before I worked up the courage to tell my parents where I was. It was 2016, and I was less than a year out of college when the China-based, Africa-focused mobile phone company I was working for sent me on a three-month business trip to the continent. At first, I didn’t dare broach the topic with my family. Many Chinese consider Africa to be a remote and dangerous place — certainly no place for a young woman to start her career. My parents were no exception. For that matter, neither was I. Prior to my trip, I was apprehensive. I’d heard all the usual stories: dangerous working conditions, laid-back or ineffective local hires, and hard adjustment periods. What I found, however, subverted my expectations. Over the past five years, the African smartphone market has changed rapidly; to keep pace, many Chinese firms have been forced to rethink their approaches. Powering this shift is a new generation of workers, many of them young Chinese female university graduates like myself, but also sharp, empowered local staff who are helping win over a rising generation of mobile phone users. A decade or so ago, the few Chinese or Chinese-backed mobile phone manufacturers operating in Africa primarily focused on affordable phones suited to the local market. My company, for example, designed cell phones with dual SIM cards and long-lasting batteries. More recently, however, rising standards of living, increased internet penetration, and falling mobile data costs have fueled the growth of the continent’s entry to the high-end smartphone market, especially among younger users. The percentage of smartphone users in sub-Saharan Africa is expected to reach 67% by 2025, and per capita data consumption is set to multiply by 8.5 times within the same period. Many of these users are opting for higher quality handsets, with the market for phones priced between $100 and $200 growing by more than eight percentage points year-over-year in the first quarter of 2021. Before my first trip to the continent, this market potential seemed remote. Almost everything I had heard was negative. Yet one of the first things I realized upon arriving in Nigeria was that the problem wasn’t the in-country staff. Our colleagues back in China developed marketing concepts and then acted surprised when they failed to resonate with consumers on the ground. My oft-disparaged local counterparts, on the other hand, had plenty of good ideas for improving our brand image within African markets. Over the next three months, which I spent working dawn to dusk with a team of local and Chinese staff to fine-tune a new marketing strategy, my perceptions of what working in the continent would be like were completely upended. When my marketing manager offered me a long-term position, I decided to stay. As more young Africans embrace smartphones, most Chinese firms operating on the continent have realized they need to shift their focus and cultivate a more youthful brand image. Because a major part of my job is to help my company do just that, I engage in frequent interactions with young locals to gain a more in-depth understanding of their lifestyles and preferences. We regularly organize activities on local university campuses, and, keeping an eye out for potential partnerships, we are expected to stay abreast of local trends, rising stars, and new shows. For example, as social issues like gender equality and domestic violence have become increasingly prominent in Nigerian discourse, we’ve sought to ensure our company is perceived as engaged and socially conscious. In the process, I’ve noticed that Chinese members of “Generation Z” working in Africa, whether at my firm or others, tend to have an easier time communicating with locals than our predecessors did. Looking back, some of the stereotypes on both sides of the China-Africa divide — in particular, that local staff are disengaged, while Chinese expats are haughty and imperious — may have resulted from the severe language barrier between locals and the previous generation of Chinese staff living and working on the continent. Now, armed with better language skills, internet fluency, and increasingly globalized mindsets, both sides have become increasingly willing and able to communicate. My coworkers and I often talk about cultural and lifestyle topics, and they invite me to their weddings and other important moments in their lives. We’ve even set up a special group where Chinese and local colleagues get together to play mobile games. Finding common interests makes it easier to interact and accept our differences. In fact, the local people I have talked with have a relatively positive opinion of Chinese companies for having created jobs for locals, at least to an extent, and I’ve noticed that our new hires from China rarely come in with the same preconceptions about Africa or African people that I did. Compared to 2016, we also have a lot more female employees. In the past, there were hardly any women in key positions, in part because company leaders assumed they would only work here for a year or two before returning home. But, in the last few years, more and more women — many of them members of Generation Z — have successfully taken on key positions in distribution channels, retail, and market research.Not all changes have been for the best, at least for those of us within the industry. An influx of new Chinese brands entering the African market over the past two years has kicked off another round of competition. On one level, this has its advantages: If employees perform well at one company, they’re liable to be quickly poached by an offer of higher wages elsewhere. At the same time, however, I’m seeing some of the same problems of “involution” that plague so many white-collar Chinese workers back home popping up in Nigeria. Our local Nigerian employees keep working harder and harder, while their commutes remain long, their rents high, and prices for everyday goods get even more expensive in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. These stressors are compounded by multinational enterprises’ high requirements for employment. Many local recruits come from affluent backgrounds and have either studied abroad or at some of Nigeria’s top schools. But as the competition between candidates has grown fiercer, some of our staff have even enrolled in online postgraduate courses at American or European universities as a way to stay ahead. While young Chinese feel increasingly sang — burned out, tired, and only interested in lying flat — I’ve noticed how young adults in Africa remain optimistic and eager to turn obstacles into opportunities. Many Chinese tech and internet companies have established strongholds on the continent. I’m excited for what this means for my industry, but I also hope that in the future, if or when I leave Africa, those employees who have worked so hard to make this happen get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. If I’ve learned anything over the past five years, it’s that all of us — Chinese expats and African locals — are in this together. originally reported by Sixth Tone:
Read all >>


TECNO SPOT GH | 2021-05-2412711395

CAMON 17 Series
Exciting News T-Fans of GHANA! Win CAMON 17 and other mind-blowing prizes in the #CAMONStarHunt competition READ MORE HERE: Please note that this competition is open only to Ghana TSPOT users. Read all >>

HiOS 8.0 Launches with The Biggest Design Change in History

HiOS Official Account | 2021-10-17158611

Hello T-Fans,TECNO’s newest HiOS 8.0 operating system, packed with an enormous breath of new features with unique capabilities designed for the ultimate user experience. The new HiOS update will overhaul a number of major aspects, including the infrastructure of software operating system, user experience, security and privacy, gaming and more. The full details of HiOS 8.0 have been unveiled with an online event on Oct. 15 at 8pm GMT+1, during which the inclusive and customizable design, rich features and strong performance of HiOS 8.0 have been disclosed. What Makes HiOS 8.0 Super-Packed. New level of UI customization to unleash user’s personalityHiOS 8.0 offers an unprecedented level of UI customization to help users unleash their imagination and personalize their experience. HiOS 8.0 has included the biggest design change inhistory of HiOS so far. There's a major revamp of the entire experience, from the colors to the shapes, light and motion. Thus HiOS 8.0 is becoming more expressive, dynamic and personalized than ever before. Integrated with comfortable Cosmic Blue, HiOS 8.0 conveys styles with technical and tender emotion by richly-designed icons, lively wallpapers and vivid interactions. This latest upgrade also features a unique Always-On Display that provides users with key information about notifications and messages, dates, turn-off patterns, clock etc. HiOS 8.0 makes efficiency a breeze with a new design for the notification bar and control center, purposefully re-imagined to help users get things done faster and smoother. The new HiOS optimizes the touch response speed, improving system fluency that gives unparalleled smoothness to make users flow with ease and have an easy control of their device. A new Real-time Weather Broadcast is designed to give users the feeling of bringing the weather into their living rooms with interactive visual effects of the current weather. A heightened focus on user security and privacyThe latest HiOS 8.0 features Za-Hooc 2.0 high-security privacy solutions, which leads in data security capabilities and privacy protection technology to build a strong and safe privacy ecosystem. From all levels of "core-device-cloud", it generates a comprehensive security system to protect users' privacy and security. Peek Proof blurs out a certain part of the screen and focuses on just a smaller part to prevent unwarranted spying. Vault prevents users’ information from being leaked by encrypting data. Users can keep their files, media and apps secured behind a user-specific password. Anti-theft alert users when there’s a likelihood of theft of the device. When turned on, the alert will be triggered if charging is interrupted. And it can be stopped by unlocking the phone.HiOS 8.0 further envelopes users with a sense of security by giving more granular control over app permissions to help better manage how and when apps access information. For instance, users can now choose to grant permissions to apps only once or only while you’re using them. Permissions will be revoked once you’re done using an app. For apps that haven’t clarified the use of permissions, the “Always Allow” option will not be provided. HiOS 8.0 also helps users keep tracking app behaviors. Users can view a record of how an app behaves on their device, the information it collects, the other applications it uses, etc. all in one place. Users will also get a clear reminder on the top of your phone screens when a sensitive permission, such as your location, is being used by an app. Greater efficiency for work and lifeHiOS 8.0 is equipped with robust features that improve work and life efficiency. Among them is the Smart Cards powered by AI OS system service which makes life far more well-organized. Smart Cards in the Zeroboard will remind users of important dates and make sure they keep tracking of what is prioritized. Whether it is important dates, business trips or meetings, flight information, birthday dates, users won’t have to manually set reminders anymore. If users are traveling, HiOS 8.0 will be with them by sending reminders from the moment of booking air tickets till taking the flight. Additional features Video Editor: HiOS 8.0 has introduced a sophisticated Video Editor in the AI Gallery app for users to have more fun and create cinematic films effortlessly. The video editor provides handy features that allow users to manipulate videos and create visual masterpieces, without the need to install any third-party applications. The editor includes default templates to help users edit videos with a single tap, support for adding purposely composed music, the ability to stitch multiple clips together and control their playback speed individually, and more. It also includes the functionality to crop clips, reverse playback, and also add filters and soundtracks to the video. A handy timeline right beneath the tools to help users easily scrub through the video is also added. Visha Player: The all new Visha player allows users to binge watch and chat side by side with floating play function. Users can keep up with their favorite shows while updating their friends scene-by-scene via chat without missing a beat. Users can multi-task easily and customize their playback experience as they like without interruption. Visha Player also allows users to browse all their Local Videos and Play status Videos and Movies without any Ads. Users can also play videos in the background and manipulate the Playback as they desire. Film Album: HiOS 8.0 provides an effortless way to turn photos and memories into a video with stylish transitions and music for any occasion. With the Pic Film feature, users only have to select a few photos, and then a blockbuster will be provided in their hands. Creating an unforgettable gift for a special person in your life has never been so easy. Voice Changer: Voice Changer allows users to add more fun during chatting by disguising their voice with different ages and genders.It supports many effects. Users can change their voice as if a woman, man, girl, or boy is talking in an instant, which would make chat calls much more fun and interesting. Phone Cloner: Another highly useful feature on HiOS 8.0 that makes users life easier is the Phone Cloner. Just like it's name, this feature allows users to transfer everything in their old TECNO phone to their new one as speedily and hassle-free as possible with a few simple clicks. No matter they are contact details and chat history or important files, all the things that users care about will be cloned to their new phone without breaking a sweat or using internet data. Document Correction: With its built-in document manager, TECNO has introduced Document auto-rotate manager with HiOS 8.0 to push the paperless revolution. Have you taken pictures of important documents, but the position and angles are all bent out of shape? Document correction uses perspective correction and page edge detection technology to auto course-correct your documents and adjust it for easier and correct viewing. This is really an innovation to explore and experience.Kindly share with us in a comment below, what you think of this latest update. Read all >>

There is something about 8 o'clock- what is it?

HiOS Official Account | 2021-10-15306992

Hello T-Fans, We are excited as you are. You know why aready. Yes! It is action time. At 8PM GMT+1 HiOS 8.0 is unveiling. As you already know, we need your action hands. Your unrelenting efforts in communicating your thoughts, opinion and suggestions to us has helped a great way in designing problem solving software as this HiOS 8.0. Watch out on our Facebook handle, Youtube Channel, Instagram handle and Tiktok for the live stream at 8pm. Fly in your comments as much as you can, tag and share to your friends, take screenshot of you live streaming and you'll be among the lucky winners of our goodie bags. Today is an exciting day for us all and 8:00PM is the action time. T-Fans, ARE YOU READY FOR ACTION? Read all >>

TECNO HiOS 8.0 Launches Today: How To Watch, What To Expect

HiOS Official Account | 2021-10-15356949

Hello T-Fans,The much anticipated is here. Global Leading smartphone maker TECNO will launch the latest version of its operating softwareHiOS 8.0 today through an online event that will take place globally. The new HiOS 8.0 will be coming firstly to TECNO Camon 18 and will bring new features including a revamped user interface, and other features like Smart Cards, AOD, and other improvements. HiOS 8.0 was beta tested exclusively earlier this year and the launch will be live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube today at 8:00PM GMT+1. TECNO in the launch wil lreveal several new features, designs, the performance and more. Interested users can live-stream the HiOS 8.0 launch on HiOS’ YouTube and Facebook channel or can watch the live event on the YouTube and Facebook page added below this paragraph. The new operating system will also bring a new for the notification bar and control center, purposefully reimagined to help users get things done faster and smoother. The new update will first be available for the brand's latest Camon 18 series. FACEBOOK: YOUTUBE: TECNO HiOS 8.0: Expected Features The new update is coming with a heightened focus on security and user privacy. HiOS users used to the industry-leading Za-Hooc Privacy and security system on HiOS 7.6 will be thrilled to note that on the new HiOS 8.0 upgrade, data collection by apps is more transparent. The new tools also give users more granular control over app permissions to help them better manage how and when apps access their information. Other features include the new Video Editor and Visha Player. Users will be able to manipulate videos and create visual masterpieces, without the need to install any third-party applications. Moreover, users will be able to multi-task easily and customize their playback experience as they like without interruption. Don't miss this amazing launch.Join the launch live stream via the above given links.Share to family and friends to join and comment.Remember we have goodie bags for your remarkable efforts.Come let's explore and experience ahead. Read all >>

TECNO Brings Ultra-steady and Ultra-clear Gimbal Camera Phone CAMON 18 Premier

TECNO SPOT Official | 2021-10-13160105261

Moderator Apply
Hi T-Fans: The most advanced pro-camera phone from TECNO CAMON series——Ultra-steady Gimbal Camera; Ultra-clear 60X Hyper Zoom; Self-portrait master;Newest MediaTek Helio G96 Chip designed for 4G camera phone and 120Hz AMOLED screen;TÜV Rheinland Certified Display for Eye Protection from low-blue light and certified fast-charge system. September, 2021 —TECNO, a rising superstar as a global smartphone brand of the new generation, today released its newest CAMON18 series - CAMON 18 Premier, CAMON18P and CAMON18, pushing the boundaries for what it means to be a professional camera smartphone in anti-shaking and clarity. The new CAMON 18 Premier brings together the best of the CAMON series, such as TAIVOS, Super Night Mode, Selfie Mode to combine with an all new Ultra-steady Gimbal Camera, a 60X Hybrid Zoom and even more enhanced AI features for achieving professional videography. Featuring AMOLED screen with 120hz refresh rate makes every touch experience faster and smoother. Furthermore, TECNO’s CAMON 18 Premier with Low Blue Light Certification from TÜV Rheinland will provide consumers with best eye care possible. Powered by the latest MediaTek Helio G96 chip and supported by a redesigned HiOS 8.0 showcase the CAMON series at what it does best, exceeding expectations once again to produce the best photos and videos that technology can offer. “We always seek for breakthroughs of product and technology to inspire our consumers to unlock the world of possibilities. The digital revolution with the rise of new generations brings the latest trend of film making through a smartphone device. The CAMON 18 Premier is the first TECNO product to take Ultra-steady Gimbal Camera technology innovations to create brand-new experience to users. With “Stop At Nothing” as TECNO’s brand spirit, we aim to continually make breakthroughs in product and design innovations as we have delivered through CAMON 18 Series.” said Stephan Ha, General Manager of TECNO. Ultra-steady Gimbal Camera, a Smart “Shaking” Lens to Cancel External Shaking Motions Users of all levels, from casual users to professional content creators, will have a new tool to achieve that perfect video. The CAMON 18 Premier is now imbued with unparalleled anti-shaking technology at 300% the effectiveness of other smartphones without the anti-shaking technology. When combined with a wide angle lens, the CAMON 18 Premier is now capable of 109° wide-angle shooting, allowing users to create truly beautiful videos anywhere, while doing anything, with sublime clarity. The CAMON 18 Premier’s rear camera follows the meticulously ratioed design philosophy that enhances the three lenses — a 64MP main camera, a 12MP Ultra-steady Gimbal Camera with widened frame, and a 8MP periscope lens housed within a new elegant glowing and ceramic backing and a cleaner, tougher flat surface design. Ultra-clear 60X Hyper Zoom,See Further Than the Eyes Can Perceive The CAMON 18 Premier uses a 5X periscope lens and Galileo algorithm engine, which accesses multiple frames and gathers pixel information to enhance resolution and clarity. By combining the 5X optical zoom capability with up to 12X AI algorithm-based digital zoom, users can achieve an incredible 60X hybrid zoom and travel as far as the moon in photography, elevating smartphone astrophotography to spectacular levels. Master the Art of Self-Portrait with the 32 MP AI Selfie Camera TECNO embodies their “Stop At Nothing” maxim with the 32 MPfront camera, once again exceeding expectations with crystal-clear clarity. The powerhouse camera comes with a more compact and convenient UI, incorporating clear cut function buttons and new intelligent gender-based identification. The beauty function has increased inclusivity for male features, having introduced beard and eyebrow enhancement. Users can now utilize the Portrait Light Effect Mode to lighten, darken, change, or remove the background completely, lending the world of photo-editing software concisely to the palms of their hands. Stylish & Exquisite Design from Color to Texture CAMON18 series adopts natural and flexible design language, and interprets flowers and trees, natural breezes and drizzle in the product design. At the same time, it advocates the most dynamic and energetic elegant fashion design sense, which is perfectly integrated into the urban language. The ceramic elements are added to our products to bring a new aesthetic perspective of CAMON series and give the products more imagination. Unleash Smoother, Faster Performance with the Newest MediaTek Helio G96 Chip and 33W Flash Charging Equipped with an MediaTek Helio G96 CPU with eight cores, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage, the CAMON 18 Premier possesses multi-tasking ability like never before, empowering seamless integration of multiple apps. This incredible processing power, coupled with 4750 mAh battery, comprehensively enhances user experience, resulting in a system with the ability to photograph, videograph, network, and run games with remarkable smoothness. With TÜV Rheinland certifications for Safe Fast-charge Systems, CAMON 18 Premier supports 33W Flash Charging, attaining 50% charge in just 20 minutes and a full charge in 65 minutes. Live Vivid with the 120Hz Refresh Rate and TÜV Rheinland Certified Display for Eye Protection on your CAMON 18 Premier The 6.7” AMOLED display (1080x2400) has a full HD resolution with up to 550 nit brightness and 100% NTSC for maximum visual satisfaction. The display boasts a 120Hz refresh rate; this unprecedented high refresh rate in a phone promises higher display fluidity and a more coherent and intuitive experience — the scroll is smoother and touch feedback is more sensitive. Moreover, as a TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light (Hardware Solution) certified product, the CAMON 18 Premier can reduce blue light to provide comfort for your eyes all day long and reduce overall power consumption. Explore Ahead with the Latest HiOS 8.0 For all the stunning hardware, TECNO’s software pulls its own weight. The latest HiOS 8.0 features Za-Hooc2.0high-security privacy solutions, relying on leading data security capabilities and privacy protection technology to build a strong and safe privacy ecosystem to protect both hardware and software data. With AI OS system service, life is far more well-organized. Calender, Business trips & meetings , Flight information, Birthday reminders... Do notmiss any important moment. TECNO is a rising-star smartphone brand at global market. With “Stop At Nothing” as its brand essence, TECNO is passionately unlocking the best contemporary technologies for progressive individualsand bringing them innovative stylish smart devices with the latest technologies. --End-- About TECNO TECNO is a premium smartphone and AIoT devices brand from TRANSSION Holdings. With “Stop At Nothing” as its brand essence, TECNO is committed to unlocking the best contemporary technologies for progressive individuals across global emerging markets, giving them elegantly designed intelligent products that inspires consumers to uncover a world of possibilities. TECNO understands the needs of consumers from different markets and provides them with localized innovations and design breakthroughs demonstrated through their mastery of serving consumers who are “young at heart” and never stops pursuing excellence. TECNO’s portfolio spans across smartphones, tablets, smart wearables and AIoT devices made for consumers in over 70 emerging markets world-wide. TECNO is also the Official Partner of Manchester City, Premier League Champions 2020-21. For more information, please visit: Read all >>

Unveiling the latest innovation designed specially for the user - HiOS 8.0

HiOS Official Account | 2021-10-14151603

Hello T-Fans, The wait is almost over. The Coming soon is already here. We are so much thrilled to announce a new cutting-edge update to our existing OS. Join us in welcoming HiOS 8.0 We know you are excited and anxious to know what this super innovation comes with. HiOS 8.0 is a wonder for the user to live in, live with and live for. This is for you in particular. Keep you notification and volume on the increase. Be the first to hear the launch bell ring and join in the live stream. Don't forget, we've got goodie bags to give out to the top commenters, sharers and streamers. With HiOS, your exploration and experience will always be ahead. Watch out. Read all >>

Thursday Customer Appreciation Post

Palm Store | 2021-10-149678

Palm Store
Today is Thursday Customer Appreciation, and Our Customer of the week is Classic Hope. Thank you Classic Hope for using Palmstore to download your applications. We appreciate you. Read all >>

Super Mystery Jackpot

TECNO SPOT Official | 2021-10-13290116162

Hi T-Fans: Please share with your family and friends, we will have a super prize event next week. Read all >>

Telegram - App of the Week

Palm Store | 2021-10-135854

Palm Store
Our App Crush for this Wednesday, is one of the most Powerful Messaging App in the world!.... TELEGRAM!! Now available on Palmstore. If you don't have palmstore app on your phone, you can search online, download and install. Then search for Telegram, Download and install. Read all >>

Comment and Win Big - HiOS biggest launch coming soon.

HiOS Official Account | 2021-10-1310771355

Hello T-Fans, If you haven't seen the COMING SOON rocket, nor heard chants about the latest upcoming release, then you're missing out a great deal. HiOS is bringing to you and for you, an innovation that completes the digital essence. An advance exploration and implementation of an intuitive user technology. For this purpose, we are recruiting the unrelenting and always-present HiOS army - (the fans) to watch out for this event and drop live comments as it launches. Your comments gives us deeper understanding of what your needs are and we do our best always to deliver them. You have a question, a suggestion, feedback or opinion? Save it for the launch. Comment as much as you like as we already got a package to reward your effort. Don't forget! The best and highest comments wins a package that will be announced on the launch day. Keep you eyes on our handles- Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube- the date will be announced soon. Think you can take the package from our hand? Let us know in the comment section below if you're getting ready by simply typing "I am ready". Read all >>

Tuesday Customer Services & Complaints

Palm Store | 2021-10-123755

Palm Store
Today is Tuesday Customer Service & Complaints. Kindly tell us your challenges and issues with Palmstore App! Read all >>

TECNO CAMON 17 to launch the all-new Android 12 through its upcoming HiOS 8.5

HiOS Official Account | 2021-10-12373373

With the public release of the much anticipated Android 12, the TECNO CAMON 17 will be amongst the first few phones to deploy the major update. The update will overhaul a number of major aspects, including software infrastructure, security and privacy, connectivity, user experience, gaming and more. Android 12 will be deployed on TECNO’s upcoming HiOS 8.5 for CAMON 17 and PHANTOM X, which millions of users will enjoy shortly. Stephen Ha, general manager of TECNO said: “ TECNO has always been committed to providing users in emerging markets with cutting-edge technologies synchronized with industry trends and continuously optimizing the experience of using our devices. We are excited about Android 12’s updates, which bring a more convenient and personalized experience to consumers ranging from a newUI design to comprehensive security and privacy protection upgrades.”TECNO CAMON 17 has enjoyed high consumer demand ever since its inception. It is the digital generation’s choice of phone for taking selfies, thanks to its48MP selfie cameracapturing the beautiful details with an added professional finish.The embedded AI technology can elevate selfie through accurate algorithms which can identify features based on gender and adjust the environment light to make the user front and centre of the shot. The wide selection of user-friendly tools help users personalize the images they want to portray.Armed with 5000mAh battery, 6GB+128GB of memory storage, 90Hz high refreshing rate at 6.6 inch FHD Screen, CAMON 17 is a dependable companion of many across the world, and the Android 12 update will definitely be a welcome addition.The customized HiOS8.5 will be launched simultaneously on CAMON 17 with the update of Android 12.By the end of this year, global users of CAMON 17 will all receive a push on the Android 12 version upgrade.Based on the new Android 12, HiOS 8.5 willbe redesigned to feel more responsive and intuitive for users, who will be able to experience more unified themes across apps and even devices. For example, widgets will appear more rounded and accessible in Android 12, so that users can retrieve information with ease.Regards to privacy protection, HiOS is also further optimized. The Za-Hooc security concept, which integrates software and hardware, was newly launched last year and attracted a lot of attention among fans. Newly adapted clipboard notifications and approximate locations with Android are worth looking forward to. Last but not the least,on HiOS8.5, functions related to game performance will be further optimized, and the barrage features and call rejections that have always been users' attention will also continue to be optimized. All of these means HiOS 8.5 will befar more than expectation. About TECNO: TECNO is a premium smartphone and AIoT devices brand from TRANSSION Holdings. With “Stop At Nothing” as its brand essence, TECNO is committed to unlocking the best contemporary technologies for progressive individuals across global emerging markets, giving them elegantly designed intelligent products that inspires consumers to uncover a world of possibilities. TECNO understands the needs of consumers from different markets and provides them with localized innovations and design breakthroughs demonstrated through their mastery of serving consumers who are “young at heart” and never stops pursuing excellence. TECNO’s portfolio spans across smartphones, tablets, smart wearables and AIoT devices made for consumers in over 70 emerging markets world-wide. TECNO is also the Official Partner of Manchester City, Premier League Champions 2020-21. For more information, please visit: Read all >>

Maybe or Maybe not? Guess what is coming soon.

HiOS Official Account | 2021-10-11505976

Hello T-fans Few days ago, we announced that something BIG is coming. The day is fast approaching and we can't wait to let you have and feel the immersive experience of our latest innovation- for you in particular. We would like to give you an apportunity to win big on the day of unveiling by participating in a guess challenge now. HiOS has been on-top of the game and giving out to the users. It's yet another season to pour out from the never ceasing banquet because every single moment with the fans worth it. Do you think you can explore your thoughts ahead, the experience that lies ahead? Then guess accurately, 3 things you think is coming soon. It's time to guess right. Simply note down in the comment section below what your IQ tells you and you'll be suprised at the package reserved for you. Keep you ears on the notification bell on all our social handles and youtube. You won't want to miss this. Let's get the comment flowing in. Read all >>

Happy International Girls Day

Palm Store | 2021-10-1131138

Palm Store
Today, the world is celebrating the Girl Child and its relevance in the society, relating to Digital Technology and development. We celebrates with every woman in the world and all female lovers of digital technology. Happy International Girls Day. Read all >>

Create Opportunities for yourself

Palm Store | 2021-10-1110588

Palm Store
Welcome to a new week, Palmstore Lovers. Do you recognize an opportunity when you see it? Do you create opportunities for yourself? Ensure that you don't lose any golden opportunity offer indirectly or directly to you. Read all >>
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