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How to Hide App on HiOS Device

HiOS Official Account | 2020-02-1012646893

Hi T-Fans, Our phones generally contain a lot of information about us. It contains our pictures, bank details, chats and a lot of sensitive information. Anytime our phone leaves our hands, there is a high fear that some of this sensitive information would get out. We are sometimes monitoring those with our phones stylishly to be sure they are not prying further into our phones, away from what we really want to show them. Privacy is something we take seriously. On HiOS custom interface devices, we have a feature that allows you to Hide Apps so other users can’t have access to them. Great right? With this feature, you could just select one or more apps and hide them so nobody can access them. How to Use this Feature Setting up this feature is very simple. Just swipe up with 2fingers on your Home Screen and your hidden screen is unveiled. Click on Add/Remove and select the app(s) you want to hide. There is more! Click on the settings icon, this allows you to set a coded pattern to access the hidden app page.I think you should try it now! Read all >>

1st Valentine's Day Original Mobile Wallpaper Contest here comes,Big prize is waiting for you!

TECNO SPOT Official | 2020-02-07411363998

Hello, dear friends! Valentine‘s day is on the way! Do you know how to share love differently? This time TECNO SPOT X Hi Theme will co-host 1st Valentine's Day Original Mobile Wallpaper Contest to help you have a better and special valentine's day. Just look at this picture and make yourself Valentine’s Day Original Mobile Wallpaper,then comment it here under this post. Which is the style of your Valentine‘s Day Original Mobile wallpaper? Show fashion or unique?Retro, humour,cute,cartoonstyle……Scenery,animal, game,festival content…… You’re the decider of wallpaper for billions of usersThe sky is the limit when it comes to creativityGo crazy with the ideasThrow your imaginative artwork or photo to usThe big prize is waiting for you!!! Awards:1. QTY:1 Prize——CAMON 12 Mobile phone x 1 2. QTY:10 Prize——The wallpaper of participant will be displayed on Hi Theme APP(such as Open/Lock screen recommendation, Wallpapers Home Recommended, Theme Mall Recommendation and so on ) Activity Timing:2020.02.08-2020.02.29 Announcement period:2020.03.06 Rules:1. Upload your original Mobile Wallpaper(Photos/Hand-painted works)in replay to the TECNO SPOT activity post, Please submit a description of your image by words 2. Share the post on your social media wall and ask your friends to support you on winning 3. Remember the winner will be peaked based on the number of likes they will receive, the user who gets the most likes can win CAMON 12 and the users who get the top 10 likes can show their productions on Hi Theme APP. In addition, the winner uploaded wallpaper must meet our requirements 4. The activity is only suitable for Nigeria, Keyna,Ghana,Mali,Tanzania,Guinea,Pakistan users Notification:1. Image must be in vertical JPG format and applicable to TECNO mobile phone brands screen interface,the size is 1080*2160and no less than 1080x2340 resolution2. Participants are allowed to submit multiple images, each image has an independent award. Statement:To ensure the contest is as fair as possible, all participants hereby read and agree with the statement below:“Works must be unpublished or unauthorized for commercial use and will not violate any laws and regulations. They must be original works of their own. If a dispute arises from this, the contestants shall bear all responsibilities on their own. The company has the right to disseminate, print, exhibit and other activities to the works of all participants during the contest. The copyright of all winning works will belong to the company, and the company will no longer pay the copyright transfer fee. After winning, the author is required to sign the “Commitment Letter”, “Portrait Right Use Agreement”, “Real Right Agreement” and other related documents, which are mainly to confirm the originality of the work, the transfer of copyright, and the compliance of the use of portrait or real rights. The winners need to submit the source files of the works to the company. The final interpretation right of this contest belongs to the host departments.” Read all >>

WIN BIG in the Spark 4 Talent Hunt

HiOS Official NG | 2020-02-04229022

Hello T-Fans, HiOS is here to reward University Talents in the city of Lagos. On Friday, 7th of February, 2020, HiOS would be visiting the University of Lagos for the Grand Finale of the Spark 4 Talent Hunt. The first prize winner goes home with a brand new Mobile Phone! There are also consolation prizes for other runner ups! How to participate The selection takes place on our Facebook page. All you need to do is post a song, rap or even a dance video of not more than 5 minutes under our pinned post on Facebook. Rule: For you to win you must be following us on @HiOS global on our Facebook page. T and C applies Read all >>

Changing Data SIMs without Stress

HiOS Official Account | 2020-02-04407637

Hello T-Fans,Dual sim devices have become the trend in Africa’s smartphone ecosphere. It is almost impossible to be an African without having asecond SIM card. This is due to inconsistent service packages by serviceproviders, which makes users switching from one network to the other. This isone of the reasons why dual SIM phone sales have surpassed single SIM phonesin the African market. Switching between networks on mobile data can be an uphilltask as you have to first visit settings, then Network and Internet, then youselect SIM card and finally mobile data. This could be sometimes stressfulespecially if you are in the middle of something and you run out of data on oneSIM. The HiOS team saw this issue and thought deeply about how tosolve the problem. They now came up with a simple and faster way of switchingSIM mobile data without going through a long process. Introducing, the Mobile Data Switcher! How to UseYou don’t need to go to settings again to switch between mobilenetworks again. All you need to do now is swipe down and click on the dataswitcher icon on the notification panel and you switch instantly! Try it out now! Read all >>

How to Use the Gesture Call Picker

HiOS Official Account | 2020-01-2811717666

Hello T-Fans, During the course of our daily lives, we get our handsinvolved in a lot of activities which could range from cooking, washing,eating, cleaning and much more. These activities, obviously, are not strong enough toseparate us long enough from our beloved mobile device. We always want toconstantly be using our phones. Imagine this scenario, you are eating this delicious localdish with your hands and then, this important call from your boss comes in, andyou can’t pick it because your hands are soiled. Disappointing right? Well, the HiOS team saw this problem and decided to create asolution. The Gesture Call Picker. How does it work? Once you activate this feature, you can pick or reject a callon your mobile device without having to touch the device. All you need to do isdo the pick or reject gesture. To answer a call, you do a peace sign over the top of thescreen (about 15cm away from the phone). To reject a call, just do an Hi-five over the screen(about 15cm away from the phone). How to activate it? To activate this feature, all you need to do is simple: Go to settings>>>MicroIntelligence>>>Answer with a gesture Read all >>

Turning your Phone to a Spy Machine on HiOS 5.0 Using Peek Mode

HiOS Official Account | 2020-01-1415220242

Hi T-Fans, Social media has become part of our daily lives. We are constantly chatting and sending messages to friends and families all day long. Out of all the well-known social media platforms, Whatsapp is the most popular. Almost everyone is on Whatsapp. During our course of interactions on Whatsapp, lots of messages are sent and received. Out of those messages, some get deleted by us, while some are deleted by the sender. There are also times where you want to quickly view a message sent to you, without the sender knowing we have viewed the message. Well, I have got good news! We have developed a feature that makes all these possible. Introducing, the Peek Mode. The Peek mode is a feature under the Social Turbo App. How does it work? Just scroll to your Social TurboApp and open it. Select Peek Mode. And you would see all your missed Whatsapp messages, including the deleted messages. Try it now! Read all >>

TECNO Mobile Consolidating Its Collaboration with Google at CES 2020

TECNO SPOT | 2020-01-1010516680

CAMON 12 Series
Hi T-FANS: January 9th, 2020-- Global premier mobile phone brand TECNO Mobileis to bring its latest Camon 12 Pro Smartphone, powered by Google’s Android™ 9 Pie operating system and equipped with the GoogleAssistant Button, to CES 2020 this January 7th . TECNO Mobile has joined a partnershipwith Google to bring the latest Android operating system to customers. AsGoogle is making improvements to Android for a smooth experience on the newclass of smart device, TECNO launched latest CAMON 12 Pro smartphone featuringthe Google Assistant Button which displayed in a Google booth at CES 2020, to helpusers get things done fast and plan ahead so users can focus on what mattersmost. “TECNO emphasizes immersive user experiences providedthrough cutting-edge hardware and software,” said Stephen HA, president ofTRANSSION and GM of TECNO Mobile, “We are delighted to embark on this missionwith Google.” The newly released CAMON 12 Pro is equipped with 16+2+8MPAI Max Triple Rear camera, revolutionary in-display fingerprint scanner and theAndroid™ operating system,providing:● Multi-camerasupport and camera updates: With its triple rear camera, usersenjoy seamless zoom, bokeh, and stereo vision. ● AR Emoji: CAMON12 Pro users can animate their favorite emoji with real facial expressions.● EnhancedMessaging Experience: Users can reply to messages or enterother text directly from notifications. Android™ 9 Pie now displays images in Messaging Notificationson phones.● Simplifiednotification channel settings: Users can now block entire groups ofchannels within the notification settings for an app. Android™ 9 Pie now sends broadcast intents whenthe blocking state of notification channels and channel groups changes.● TheGoogle Assistant Button: With the GoogleAssistant, users can manage tasks, keep in touch, get answers and control homewherever you go. It also helps users stay one step ahead with smart suggestionsand reminders right when need them, directly on the phone screen. To getstarted, just say “Hey Google” or tap the Google Assistant Button. TECNO has demonstrated its strong ability to take the leadby responding to the latest consumer trends with robust R&D. TECNO willfurther expand its partnership with Google to provide customers with moresophisticated and powerful smartphones. Read all >>

USSD Code & SIM Board

HiOS Official Account | 2020-01-10589831

Hello T-Fans, As you know, HiOS is commited to improving user experience and developing features users can use and interact with. In a bid to improve user experience, we have developed 2 new features that would give you a whole new experience: 1. Instant USSD This feature delivers all USSD codes from Mobile Operators in just a second! No need to search for complicated USSD code one by one. Just open your dial-pad and dial * to check the list of USSD codes. One-click to access the corresponding service! (Coming Soon) 2. SIM Board This feature helps you get your Sim card statistics. So no need to worry about data traffic overuse! Check SIM Board for traffic occupancy on different apps. Show your most frequent calls from your dear friends. (Coming Soon) P.S: This feature is only available for SPARK 4 Users for now. Go to HiOS lab to activate it. Read all >>

How to Enjoy Uninterrupted Gaming Experience Using the Floating Window

HiOS Official Account | 2020-01-064714104

Hello T-fans,Almost everyone loves to play games. From simple 2D games like Candy Crush to complex 3D games like Call of Duty, there seems to be a game for everyone. Mobile gaming has become one of the perks of using a mobile phone. But during a gaming session, you might sometimes need to urgently reply a message and at the same time, you don’t want to quite a game you are so deep into. Or it might be a case where you are stuck on a particular stage in the game and you need to search online for assistance, but you know exiting the screen would quit the game or make you miss some actions, so it is not an option. What do you do in such situations? The answer is The Floating Window!This is a solution introduced on the latest version of HiOS, version 5.5 (and above). How does it work?When gaming and you really need to reply to a Whatsapp message or search for something online, all you need to is trigger the Game Assistant by swiping (either left of the screen, depending on the location of the Smart Panel). You would now select the option you want (Either web browseror Whatsapp). The app appears on the screen in a floating manner without interruptingthe gaming screen. You can move the Floating Window to any part of the screen. Once done, you just click on the “x” on the top of the floating window and it is gone! Read all >>

Happy New Year From HiOS

HiOS Official NG | 2020-01-015416475

Hello T-Fans, It's a brand new year and we are glad you made it into this beautiful year. We have many things in stock for you this new year and we can't wait to give you the best mobile user experience. Sit back and relax as the new year unfolds! Happy New Year! Read all >>

From all of us at TECNO SPOT

Evans@TECNO | 2019-12-255315744

From all of us at TECNO SPOT we would like to take a moment to wish you and your family a very blessed Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hello TECNO Fans, We want to take a chance and wish all of you a very blessed holiday season this year. Moreover, we want to say THANK YOU! Thank you for the privilege of choosing us and for your giving us the opportunity to be here today, we will keep showing our gratitude by giving back to our community and keep making this place better and better every day; we encourage everyone to do the same at all the time of the year if we all come together and give to those otherwise might not receive we can manifest this community which is a great place for sharing Special message: The More The Merrier Christmas Don’t wait to get your TECNO device any longer during this magical time of the year. Read all >>

2019 ENDING: What Has Been Your Biggest Achievement This Year?

HiOS Official Account | 2019-12-312510431

Hello T-Fans, The year 2019 came with a lot of intrigues and actions and we can all agree that a lot happened this year. This year saw us release our most interactive and "customized for you" version of our HiOS (Version 5 series) which includes the great features such as the Game Mode, Intelligent Voice Broadcast, Smart Panel, Floating Windows and a whole lot more. We also had Google's latest software (Android Q) and also our latest version software version (HiOS 6.0) sent as OTA to one of our most popular device, Spark 3 Pro and users have testified to its amazing experience. It was indeed an enventful year for us! As the year 2019 comes to an end today, what can you say is the biggest feat you have achieved this year? Share with us! Read all >>

What Special Gift Would You Like to Receive This Christmas?

HiOS Official NG | 2019-12-2417511589

Hi T-Fans, It's Christmas season again! What is that SPECIAL gift you would like to receive this Christmas? Share with us, someone might see and get them for you! Read all >>

When I received a call, I really didn’t believe it!

waku7bisha | 2019-12-234413448

It is the statement made by ‘Tunu za TECNO” Winner when shewas visited by TECNO Blue Santa and TECNO team at her home Mbagala, Dar esSalaam. Caroline, who is a high school student, won a Dstv set and a ShoppingVoucher worth to 500,000TZS after buying TECNO Camon 12. "When I received a call, I really didn’t believe itbecause I didn't expect if I could win something like this, I just bought aTECNO Camon 12 and I was told there was a Lucky draw, there were so manythings, I saw a basket had chocolate and champagne, I knew I would win it butthankfully I won a big, thank you so much thanks to TECNO" said Carolinesmiling. Despite being handed a Dstv set, Caroline accompanied withher mother and they were taken by TECNOforshopping in the popular Super Market ‘Game Supermarket’ located inside MlimaniCity, Dar es Salaam where she made purchase of various goods worth to500,000TZS For her side, Caroline's mother thanked TECNO for giving thegifts to her daughter. “We are very happy! We thank you for the gifts.” SaidCaroline's mother. On the other hand, TECNO Tanzania Sales Manager Ms. MariamMohamed, said the gifts are for anyone who buys the TECNO Spark series and theTECNO Camon series can walk out with Dstv set as well as a Shopping Voucherworth to 500,000TZS. "I would like to tell Tanzanians that our promotionsare still going on in different regions throughout Tanzania in this wholefestival season, visit our promotional shops and buy Spark 4 series or Camonseries and you will get a chance to win Dstv set and Shopping voucher worth to Fivehundred thousand Shillings ” said Ms. Mariam. This Luckydraw that was held on Saturday of December 14, had other Shopping voucher winnerswith the value of 300,000/= each from Arusha and Mwanza and all were taken toSuper Markets for shopping different goods worthto Three hundred Thousand Shillings. Rahma Khamisi was taken from home her home Mecco Mwanza toNono Super Market for purchasing differentgoods worth to Three hundred ThousandShillings while Joyce Lema from Arusha was sent to Shoppers Super Market to buyvarious goods worth to Three hundred thousand shillings. Read all >>

Do you use HiOS 5.0 and above? Join our group

HiOS Official Account | 2019-12-229711320

Hello T-Fans, Do you use any device with HiOS 5.0 and above? Would you like to test our new features before they are released to the general public? Here is a chance to join our WhatsApp group! Click here>>> Read all >>

Share your Spark 3 Pro Android Q and HiOS 6.0 Update Experience Here

HiOS Official Account | 2019-12-2125824904

Spark 3 Pro
Hello T-Fans, Where you among the lucky 2000 first phase users who got the Spark 3 Pro HiOS 6.0 and Android 10 update? What are your favourite features and what do you think needs improvement on? We would like you to share your experience here! Read all >>

System Update vs HiOS Update

Kaykerry | 2019-12-2125539356

Hello T-Fans, Here is a chance to finally express your mind on this update or no update thing.... Which would you prefer, HiOS update or System Update? Take this poll below! Survey Link Read all >>

Join HiOS on Facebook and Win!

HiOS Official Account | 2019-12-167510947

Hello T-Fans, Did you know HiOS is on Facebook? This is a good time to WIN some cool stuff for yourself! How? All you need to do is follow is click here to get to our facebook page, follow and comment your T-Spot ID under the post! Also, don't forget to share so your friends can also participate! The event ends Dec 31st, 2019. T and C applies Read all >>

Jingle Bells! The Holidays are HERE! Are you READY?

Evans@TECNO | 2019-12-10258339

It is an absolute pleasure to be here again and celebrating the holiday with all of you along with our New TECNO-SPOT 2.0, and we are excited to share something to stir up your life and get you in the holiday spirit. By starting, we are thrilled about the support we got from you, and we are so grateful for the positive feedback too. This season TECNO has prepared several promotions one wouldn't want to miss. We hope every one of you will stick close with us through TECNO-SPOT and other TECNO platforms as we are going to end this year and beyond. as we are recently launching our New TECNO-SPOT, we would like to see everyone is enjoying and have a great experience on the platform while learning from each other. Appreciate everyone who is taking their time by sharing the review; we encourage more of that behavior. Let's keep the platform more interesting for everyone to have a blissful moment here. And don't forget we are a few days away to Christmas and New year so keep your eyes on TECNO-SPOT and other TECNO social media platforms as we are leading up to the kickoff of big holiday promotions. Enjoy the ride with TECNO-SPOT Any question let us know, we would love to hear from you;) Read all >>

【Upgrade in advance】Android Q for TECNO SPARK 3 Pro(only for 2,000 users)

TECNO SPOT Official | 2019-12-058921813

Spark 3 Pro
Hi SPARK 3 Pro users : TECNO SPARK 3 Pro will be in the Android Qprogram, we will be in advance for 2000 users to upgrade to the officialversion of the Android Q.Click here to apply!(link: With Android™ optimized OS, it can offerconsumers several benefits including: 1. It uses less of your phone's battery, and causes lesssstrain on your eyes in dim environments. 2. Enable Colorful Chatting Best WhatsAppAssistant Box with multiple features to help you enjoy chatting with yourfriends.Apowerful box that can make you DIY emoji , saveWhatsApp status , automatically open flashwhile you have incoming WhatsApp call etc. 3. Anaccessibilityfeature by flashing your phone to provide a visible cue for WhatsApp incomingCalls. 4. Rescue your favorite status as long as you wantSay no to 24hours-limited vanished. Now you are the one who have the option to saveWhatsApp status as long as you want! 5. A new gesture-based option to give your more immersive switchexperience. A quick left or right swipe will take you back to your previousmenu and a quick swipe up from the bottom of phone screen will take you back toyour home screen. 6. To do that, head toSettings > Game mode> Message notification method ,choose pop-up notification or completedshielded, Gaming timeis all yours . 7. Never Game off until you say noA special design for Game lovers. They can choosescreen-off to safe battery and data while unstop gaming. 8. A noticeable improvement on security.By giving you more control overhow often apps can access your location, ways to stop apps from guessing yourlocation. 9. Wifisharegives you a handy option to share your WiFithrough a QR code. when your friendvisits your home, you can just ask him/her to scan the code, then boom –they’reconnected to your router.To do that, headtoSettings > Network & internet > WiFiand click on the connecteddevice name. After scaningthe QR code ,you can enjoy surfing on the internet. Read all >>
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