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App Recommendation

Palm Store | 2021-06-0993991

Palm Store
Palmstore Fans! Here is the game recommendation for the week. Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2021-06-094379075

Hello T-Fans, Over the years, closets have been a place to store personal belongings like clothes, shoes, necklaces, and so on. Some persons prioritize closets so much that they have to put padlocks and keys for safekeeping. In this manner, a digital closet is one online or offline space where one can store important assets and hide personal things from the eyes of phone borrowers. Take, for example, documents, pictures, apps, and lots more. Before now, HiOS developed a very secured closet called VAULT that allows users to hide pictures and videos with a personal password. This way, when friends or anyone access your phone gallery, they won’t be able to see the pictures you hide. On HiOS 7.6, the VAULT has taken a whole new shape and upgrade. This time around, the assets you can store are no longer limited to images and videos but you can now secure Apps, Documents, Images, and Videos. Isn’t this awesome! The security is also well improved as HiOS 7.6 is currently guarded with Zahooc protection. Safeguarding personal things cannot be over-emphasized. Many things must not be accessible by anybody who collects your phone. It should be a priority to keep some moments hidden, some apps locked, and documents confidential. On this note, setting up the inbuilt secured Vault is one of the surest means to go. Set up with a pin only you have access to and be rest assured no one can view it. How to Access the HiOS Vault To access the vault, open your AI gallery, swipe left twice, or click on the third icon at the base of the screen and select Vault. You set it up by simply creating a security code and security question (just in case you forgot the code). Add media files by clicking on the “+” sign at the bottom right. Anything you store there becomes hidden from the public view. Now you can record those embarrassing and goofy videos or have highly classified documents on your device without any fear of anyone able to access them with the new HiOS vault Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2021-06-084572421

Hello T-Fans, Have you ever been in a scenario whereby you are in a public means of transport and you realize the person next to you can’t seem to get his or her eyes out of your phone? Embarrassing right? And what is more annoying is, the fact that when you try to tell them you not to peep, or you change position, they follow you. Well, we have developed a feature that can help you solve this problem. Introducing, the Peek Proof feature! How does it work? The Peek Proof feature introduces a tinted layer on your screen, which makes it very difficult for someone peeping into your screen to see anything. There is only a small adjustable portion of the screen available in normal light, the rest is tinted. What’s more, you can increase or decrease the intensity of the tint provided on the screen. How to activate Peek Proof? Setting up the Peek proof is quite simple. Just swipe down the notification panel and toggle on the Peek proof icon. To adjust the intensity or size of the tint, drag the adjustable tab, left, right, up, or down. In what other way do you think the Peek Proof feature useful? Share with us! Read all >>


Palm Store | 2021-06-0742943

Palm Store
“The more you talk about negative things in your life, the more you call them in. Speak victory not defeat.” – Joel Osteen Happy New Week Read all >>

WANTED: Kenyan & Nigerian TECNO Camon 17 Users!

HiOS Official Account | 2021-06-07133925

Become a #HiOS Beta Tester: Click the link below to apply If you're using Camon 17 and you are in Kenya or Nigeria and willing to help us improve HiOS, do not hesitate to apply! Be the first to enjoy our all new HiOS with spanking new features and share your feedback with us. Slots are limited to 30 Beta Testers per country so application will be treated on first come first serve basis. Join now to get a seat! NOTE: Only Camon 17 Users in Kenya and Nigeria qualify! Read all >>

Brain Teaser

Palm Store | 2021-06-04396826

Palm Store
Can you answer this question? The best way to relieve the week's stress is to play games. Happy weekend Palmstore Lovers. Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2021-06-038365900

Hello T-Fans, We would be going live on Facebook today, 4th of June, 2021 to talk about the new and amazing features present on the latest version of HiOS, HiOS 7.6 Time is 3pm (Nigeria) 5pm (Kenya) Come prepared with all your questions as we would be answering them all. We would also be giving out fantastic gifts to lucky fans. Don't miss out! Facebook: HiOS Facebook See you tomorrow!! Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2021-06-036991611

Hello T-Fans, Gradually, the world is shifting from analog to digital. Even the digital sphere is witnessing a drastic downsizing in the size of equipment, compared to what we used to have in the 80s and 90s. Right now, the world can literarily fit into our pockets. With the constant need to be on the go and constantly communicating with clients, friends, and business partners, the world can’t wait till you get to the office to respond to that client’s chat or that business partner’s email. You have to learn to do this on the go. Introducing… The App Twin! App Twin is the best assistant for your business and social circle. With this feature, you can run two social media accounts simultaneously on the same phone without having to log out one for one. This simply means you can have both your work social media account and your private account logged in on the same smartphone. How convenient is that! Now, you don’t need to get to the office to see that important or timed messages which always results in missing deadlines or appointments. Now you can get things done at the right time. This also translates to the fact that you don’t need to have two separate phones (one for work, the other for family), you can now “mix business with pleasure”. To activate this feature, go to setting>>>Special function>>>App twin Read all >>


TECNO SPOT GH | 2021-05-249610312

CAMON 17 Series
Exciting News T-Fans of GHANA! Win CAMON 17 and other mind-blowing prizes in the #CAMONStarHunt competition READ MORE HERE: Please note that this competition is open only to Ghana TSPOT users. Read all >>


Barekese Mmrante Hene | 2021-05-30419214

POVA Series
POVA 2 BACKSHELL CRAFT Unique and cool-tech The special craft creates a unique textured effect that combines a hard-edged feel with a technological pioneer for a cool look. SLENDER GRIP Hold the perfect curve Who says a thin and light body can't be full of big power? POVA's unique design makes a phone with a super-large battery and screen even thinner and lighter. COOL COLOURS The definition of cool style Perfect match of sharp color and cool texture. * Polar Silver / Dazzle Black are available. Appearance of Rear camera Glassy and Sparkling Take the POVA out of your pocket and you'll find the sparkling rear camera, like a dazzling diamond set in the back case 6.9" Ultra-Large screen Bigger screen, better experience. The extra-large 6.9-inch screen gives you a wider and more powerful view when playing against each other. 7000 mAh Battery (Super Battery Lab) How can the excitement of playing games be interrupted by a power cut? POVA2 has a maga 7000 mAh battery with super power saving solution provided by Battery Lab, so you can play all the time and never worry about power cuts . 1080P HD Screen (180 Hz sampling rate) Clearer and Faster The 1080P FHD screen gives you great picture quality and 180 Hz sampling rate provides the faster screen response which brings you a head start when playing games. G85 Speedy performance at your fingertips POVA2 is equipped with the G85 chip with system turbo v 2.0 will provide you a smoother and more stable operating experience, with everything under your control! 6+128GB Say goodbye to the worry of no memory and unnecessary waiting or interruptions Can you imagine how much you can store in 128GB ROM? 30,000 photos / 23,000 musics / 300 games / 200 videos Besides, high-speed 6GB RAM allows more fluent multitasking and smoother game performance. Don’t worry about overload of files or any lagginess. 18W Dual IC Flash Charging Less worry of low battery, POVA 2 supports 18W dual IC flash charge! Charging for 10 minutes, enabling calling for 2.4 hours or music playing for 20 hours. Compared with 18W single IC fast charge, the charging efficiency increased by 20%. Recharging in a much speedier way. ET Game Engine More Powerful and Dynamic Game Performance with ET (evolving tech) game Engine With ET Game Engine that designs specifically for strong performance, users can have a step up from their average playing experience as the engine unlocks high-refresh-rate graphics and dynamic control adjustment. Upgraded Gaming Space, enhanced gaming power With game acceleration, message-free and professional immersive gaming experience, all these POVA has done for coolest playing experience; addition to this, the game changes its voice with numerous pre-set sound templates, allowing you to freely switch between different voices to create more interesting gaming effects Let’s battle in WeZone Build LAN game platforms to play against opponents in created rooms; develop arcade game emulators to enable arcade games to be played on mobile phones; in addition to this, provide paths to LAN-ready game resources. Don't hesitate, come and fight it out! 48M Clear Rear Camera 48M Clear Quad Rear Camera with improved image quality in all scenes and increased sensitivity for less noise and cleaner images Super Night Mode Discover the beauty of night Super AI, one click makes night scenes clearer and colours more dynamic; plus multi-frame algorithm intelligent, night shots are translucent and gorgeous. Your nights shine brighter with the Super Night Mode. 2k time lapse photography The world lapses in 2k Come along and enjoy the world under 2K, create your own impressive, professional level higher resolution rolls and record what stays steady at a constant flux state. The interval can be automatically adjusted according to the time you intend to shoot. Film Album Every photo is a testimony of a beautiful moment, with the film album, you can make your pictures into eye-catching movies Document Auto- rotate Manager Are there some skewed documents, photos... that give you reading difficulties? With Document Auto-rotate Manager, these documents are automatically corrected. Now reading is more smooth. Peek Proof No more worrying about prying eyes on your privacy. Peek Proof can guard your phone screen privacy from snooping eyes Vault 2.0 Vauly 2.0 will hide away your apps and gallery from prying eyes, your privacy will be strictly protected Let Switch It goes without saying that transferring huge amounts of data to a new phone is a tedious task. Now it is changed, you can clone your old phone by even one click. NFC With NFC, your every transaction could be easier as it likes a smart card and can support Google Pay and data transfer. Quicker and Safer. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you POVA 2. Please like, comment and follow me for more updates.Read all >>

All-New UI Design

HiOS Official Account | 2021-05-275060531

Hello T-Fans, The HiOS 7.6 comes with an all-new design using the TECNO Cosmo blue as the background. Inspired by Starry Night of Vincent Van Gogh, the blue is comfortable and pure, reminding you of the sky and sea; It’s also elegant and intriguing, for your peaceful pondering of nature. Cosmos blue is shown in graded saturation, manifesting strong vitality with dedicated colour transitions. It’s so ethereal, dazzling, and mysterious. The brand-new zero screen is now featured with smart squares. The Gaussian blur, rounded corners, and well-placed blanks deliver a modern and elegant layout for your convenience and efficiency. The minimalism expressed by Smart Arc provides symmetry in golden ratio, plenty of blank space, unity of screen elements, all makeup to a balanced visual experience while highlighting the key contents out. Read all >>

What you should know about the new HiOS 7.6

HiOS Official Account | 2021-05-194347872

Hello T-Fans, We recently launched the HiOS 7.6 which is making its first appearance on the new Camon 17 series. The HiOS 7.6 features new and exclusive features which make it superior and top-notch. Would you like to see the newly included features? Watch our press conference! Which feature did you like the most? Read all >>

Happy New Month

Palm Store | 2021-06-0193476

Palm Store
Happy New Month. Reflect on your last month's performance and set new goals for June. Believe in yourself. Check out the new apps and games for this month on Palmstore. Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2021-05-1724469729

Hello T-Fans, We are proud to present to you the Brought To You By Me Design CONTEST Through the #HiOSBroughToYouByMe Design Contest, we’re hoping to bring a piece of design vision into your own works and of course to fuel up your creativity. What’s more stimulating than showing your quality and creativity by making your own impression of what HiOS mean to you through Creative design. This is the stage for you to shine out! Fuel your creativity with HiOS by making creative designs or artwork of any souvenir item of your choice. It's a creative design contest!Your design can be on a phone pouch, mug, cap, or shirt. The theme is HiOS Fuel My Creativity. PRIZES Top designers will stand a chance to win a Camon 17 Phone with a customize phone pouch or souvenir of their choice bearing their design or artwork! Wait, is that all? Absolutely not! Top Artists will also have a chance to have their designs available in the official Hi Theme Store! Are you ready to push yourself and show your creativity and quality? Start now! CRITERIA TO WIN HiOS must be visible somewhere on the design. Artists may submit as many designs as possible for consideration. Submission to be made before May 31st to be considered. We will use the following criteria when choosing the design Winners: * Does the design represent HiOS and/or Camon 17? * Does the design work on a mug, cap, shirt, or phone pouch? Could it be altered to work on these items? * Does the design evoke thoughts/feelings/ideas of Creativity? * The submitted artwork must be original. Non-original artwork will be disqualified. * Your design should not be just a photo shot by phone or camera. There must be some design involved in it. * Use high-quality images without watermarks and garish colors and the images should be clean and complete. * Image size should be suitable for TECNO phones (recommended resolution: 1080*1920) and the main subject of the image should be fully displayed on the phone’s screen. * Don’t stretch or distort the image, and you should use comfortable colors and achieve the natural color transition. * Don’t organize the elements of the image too densely, nor too loosely to make people uncomfortable. * The image should be complete and all elements should be well-arranged. * The image can’t contain elements related to politics, religion, terrorism, pornography, etc. * All work should be fully fit for TECNO phones. Contest Rules: * ONLY ENTRIES UNDER THIS THREAD WOULD BE CONSIDERED * All the designs should be in the form of an art doodle and not a pure image. * The submitted designs must be original and copyright-free. They must not have been used commercially or authorized by others. They cannot be copied or plagiarized. * In case you have used any copyrighted elements in the submitted design you must own the rights license to use at the time of submission and have to submit the proof of legal purchase when asked during auditing. * There is no limit to the number of designs or artwork submitted by each individual participant. * If one user has multiple entries shortlisted for voting, only one corresponding entry with the highest votes will be considered valid for the prize. * By participating in the contest and submitting your designs, you consent that the images can be used by HiOS for research or marketing purposes. Read all >>

Monday Motivation

Palm Store | 2021-05-3151938

Palm Store
“The tragedy in life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.” – Benjamin Mays Read all >>


HiOS Official Account | 2020-10-21345981

Hello T-Fans, Here is how you can resize your picture to 1080*2160 for the HiOS 5th Anniversary contest. See video tutorial: or follow these steps: 1. Go to the Google Play Store app on your mobile device. 2. Search for app 'photo & picture resizer'. 3. Install and open the app. 4. Click on Select photos and pick the photo you want to resize. 5. There are two methods to resize, automatic or manual. For automatic, click on resize 6.Click on custom to select your resolution (1080*2160) 7. For the manual method (Highly Recommended), Click on crop instead 8. Adjust to the required size and click on crop 9. You can now see your resized picture here and in your gallery! Follow these steps then upload your entry under the MAIN THREAD Read all >>

The optimization of launcher needs your suggestions

TECNO SPOT Official | 2021-05-194517463

Hi T fans, How do you usually set up your launcher display?Here is a small survey about the launcher, We invite you to share your ideas to help us serve you better~ Please fill the survey below to share with us Activity DATE: 19TH MAY-30TH MAY Activity Countries: Nigeria、Kenya、Pakistan、Bangladesh 10 Lucky winners will get excting TECNO Goodies! voice matters! Read all >>

【Good News】Four questions to get a chance to get $1

PhoneMaster Official | 2021-05-27343946

Phone Master
When do you buy airtime? You only need to answer four questions to get a chance to get $1! Click here now: Read all >>

Android 12 Beta for CAMON 17

TECNO SPOT Official | 2021-05-19311126654

CAMON 17 Series
Welcome to TECNO Android 12 Developer Preview Program Welcome to TECNO Android 12 Developer Preview Program which allows you to try pre-release versions of Android 12. This release is for developers and provide new features needed to improve the compatibility and development of your applications for the new version of Android. At present, TECNO CAMON 17 is in the Android 12 Developer Preview Program. As with previous versions, Android 12 includes behavior changes to help improve performance, battery life, security, and privacy. In some cases, these changes can affect apps until they are updated to support Android 12, so you might see impacts ranging from minor issues to more significant functionality limitations. How to get started with Android 12 beta? 1.Get Android 12 beta 1— Click Android 12 beta 1 to download. 2. How to download Android 12 Beta 1 for TECNO CAMON 17— See the Setup Guide for details. 3. If you want to swipe back to Android 11 click on Android 11 SW to download. 4. How to download Android 11 for TECNO CAMON 17 — See the Setup Guidefor details. Point to notePlease note the beta build is not the final version, some features may be missing or may not work, these are general notes about this release: 1. The release might have experience problems with apps, stability, battery or performance on the device. 2. Banking and finance apps might not work as expected. 3. Some apps might crash or may not function as expected when running on this release. This includes Google’s apps as well as other apps. 4. Some permissions managed through Settings may need to be set again after app re-installation or device reboot. 5. The release contains some known platform-related issues such as performance and battery, access files in external storage, permissions. 6. Some apps or icons may be obscured by the water drop screen. 7.The camera may not be as good as expected. If you would like to opt-out or revert to the factory settings, you can do so using SOP tools. Read all >>

Camon 17 users in Kenya and Nigeria Wanted for HiOS Beta Testing: Requirements, Privileges and More!

HiOS Official Account | 2021-05-261016279

Hi T-Fans,! We are now looking for Camon 17 users in Kenya and Nigeria for HiOS beta Testing. The recruitment information is as follows. Please read it carefully. Must read before application: This is the HiOS testers recruiting in Kenya and Nigeria thread and this team will test for only TECNO Camon 17, so only apply here if you have a Camon 17 phone and you are in Kenya or Nigeria. Asking for testing for another device or country after selection will not be accepted. If your application is completed with all required fields filled, upon checking the information you provided fits our criteria, you will be invited in the related communication platform where you will find yourself in a group of HiOS testers; and that means you have been successfully recruited. If you do not receive an invite to the group, it can be that this time the number of applicants is full. We welcome you to join the next recruitment so please stay tuned! To ensure you’re able to receive OTA notification, please make sure your device is Camon 17 when applying for the recruitment. Please note, we would like to have your feedback after testing so you will be required to share with us your thoughts and opinions regarding the new update. Please click the link below to register if you meet the requirements. LINK: Do you have a Camon 17 phone, and you are in Kenya or Nigeria? Apply now! HiOS Beta Testers wanted. Read all >>
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